Greenwashing and why we should not

With the recent release of the ACCC’s greenwashing report, it is timely to remember the role that businesses play in consumer trust in the market.   Environmental claims can be made in the following ways:  The ACCC has found that some businesses are:  In our It Starts With Plastic Free episode, Phil and Corey go back to the basics. […]

UK to ban plastic wet wipes … now it is your turn Australia

The UK have banned plastic wet wipes

The UK government has banned plastic wet wipes in a broader strategy to improve water quality. According to Water UK, wet wipes flushed down toilets cause 93% of sewer blockages and cost around £ l 00m a year to clear up. In the announcement under ‘stronger regulation’, the Environment Minister states that they are “banning […]

How much plastic is out there?

The growth of plastics production in the past 65 years has substantially outpaced any other manufactured material. The reasons that make plastic so attractive to use —durability and resistance to degradation—make these materials difficult or impossible for nature to handle. Global plastic production of virgin plastics totals over 8.3b metric tonnes. What does this volume […]

Are Biodegradable or Compostable wipes better?

As multiple generations around the world now have a heightened focus on doing what is good for the environment, using products that are “Eco-Friendly” and ensuring we live sustainably, there is the risk of not correctly understanding key terms and what they mean, resulting in doing more harm than good for the environment. Do you […]

Cutting carbon starts with looking local

Wherever you are, it seems everyone is talking about the need to cut Greenhouse Carbon emissions (GHC), and associated buzz words linked such as net zero, carbon-neutral, offset carbon etc. All discussions usually funnel towards investing in solar, wind, hydrogen and other renewable energy methods to support green initiatives. These actions are crucial for big commercial companies to combat the years […]