Are Biodegradable or Compostable wipes better?

As multiple generations around the world now have a heightened focus on doing what is good for the environment, using products that are “Eco-Friendly” and ensuring we live sustainably, there is the risk of not correctly understanding key terms and what they mean, resulting in doing more harm than good for the environment.

Do you know the difference between a material that is Biodegradable VS a Compostable material? The best explanation to ensure we understand the difference is to understand the following statement:

All compostable material is biodegradable, but NOT all biodegradable materials are compostable.

Understanding the differences is key to ensuring we live in a sustainable world and know how to select products that won’t impact the environment or the quality of human life.


If a product is Compostable, then it can easily break down into organic matter that helps create material that is rich with nutrients, turning soil into a healthier environment to aid plant growth. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave toxic residues, microplastic fibres, or particles, so they break down safely and when turned into compost help create an environment where worms thrive and help stimulate the growth cycle for plants. These plants create other products or food, that in the future continue the composting process and help stimulate the cycle of sustainability. Waste repurposed in a sustainable matter and only taking 12 weeks, is something the earth loves to see!


If a product is Biodegradable, it will break down and decompose but may require specific conditions for this to happen such as exposure to specific bacteria, UV light, or other organisms that feed off this material. This decomposing process can take months, years, or even up to a decade. When a product is claimed to be Biodegradable but takes a decade to decompose in a landfill, then it is essentially landfill waste which opens a whole new discussion on carbon emissions. Although they do decompose, they can struggle to break down in landfill and won’t help create healthy soil, which is the primary difference compared to Compostable materials.

As we move towards creating a cleaner greener future, taking a progressive step forward was an easy one for CleanLIFE – producing plant-based compostable wipes, giving the earth more of what it wants and needs.

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