When you see these symbols on a pack of CleanLIFE wet wipes

Global Mark - AS/NZS 5328
Certified to flush

it means they are certified to flush and will break down under Australian and New Zealand flushing conditions.

These wipes can be responsibly flushed with confidence, meeting the requirements of your local water authority.

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We are certified to flush...

Certified to flush

We’ve all heard about the 3Ps to flush – Pee, Poo, and Paper, but now there are 4Ps to flush with Proof! We are certified to flush, which means we’ve not only gone through rigorous testing to comply with the Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 5328 Standard for Flushable Products but our total processes, from materials we source through to how we manufacture our wipes, have been independently audited. We are the first company in the world that is Certified to Flush in accordance with AS/NZS5328.

When you see our Certified to Flush symbol you are good to send our wipes down the loo, and if you can’t flush don’t panic as you can safely place these wipes into a green bin. Check out the details on the rear of all our packs for further information.

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