Our story

CleanLIFE Co-founders, Phil and Corey came to realise that wet wipes used for everyday life were made of polyester and polypropylene fabrics, meaning these were in fact single-use plastics being used on babies, in homes for cleaning, and all over human bodies.

Each year, all this plastic from wet wipes ends up as more than 25,000 tonnes of landfill creating harmful microplastics to humans and the environment.

So, they decided something had to change and created Australia’s leading innovative wet wipes manufacturer, with the aim to remove single-use plastics, one wipe at a time in peoples’ homes and lives.

Phil and Corey - Co-founder of CleanLIFE
Baby wipes - Gentle on baby and newborns

CleanLIFE is Australia’s specialist wet wipe range, providing plastic-free solutions for everyday use around the home and for personal use.

Producing locally made 100% plant-based wipes avoids the carbon emissions created from shipping billions of wet wipes into Australia each year, supporting urgent climate change action.

Using Australian purified water in all CleanLIFE wipes gives confidence and certainty that no foreign nasties are in the wipes used around families and in homes. Besides the quality of water, we use Australian ingredients, native oils, and extracts to give the CleanLIFE range a unique difference in the fragrances and benefits offered with every wipe.

Join the CleanLIFE journey in making a positive change, one wipe at a time.

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our mission

To drive much needed change by eliminating plastic in wet wipes, making our environment and family lives safer through the reduction of microplastics.

As Australia’s specialist innovator and manufacturer of wet wipe products, we aim to provide a wide range of wet wipes designed for everyday use that are safe on our bodies, with our families and in our homes.