RFA Expands Coalition with Addition of The Hygiene Co., Maker of CleanLIFE Wipes

RFA - THC coalition

RFA welcomes The Hygiene Co. into growing coalition to help improve consumer flushing habits and bring awareness to wipes labeling SEATTLE & ADELAIDE, South Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) has announced that The Hygiene Co., maker of CleanLIFE wipes, is joining its ranks of wipes manufacturers, wastewater treatment groups, and public health advocate members. […]

Spill the tea on plastic tea bags

Spill the tea on plastic tea bags

Recently on It Starts with Plastic Free, Phil and Corey discussed plastic in TEA BAGS. Yes, that’s right … PLASTIC in tea bags! Believe it or not, there is much more in tea bags than just some tea leaves, which often surprises people. It is more common than you would think for tea bags to […]

Are flushable wipes actually flushable?

Are flushable wipes actually flushable?

Yes, flushable wipes are flushable, but they must be certified to flush. Certified flushable wipes are assessed by independent auditors to ensure they not only pass the testing requirements, but also audit how the wipes are manufactured, where the raw materials are sourced, and check that each batch of manufactured wipes are tested to confirm flushability. Certified flushable wipes should have a logo on the pack to confirm and trace confirmation from the auditor.

The burn test reveals all

Burn Test Reveals All

Kids, don’t try this at home. We set up an experiment in our lab recently to conduct a ‘burn test’ with four different fabrics to demonstrate how easily you can find out if your wipe contains plastic.  It is important to know exactly what is in the wipe material to then know which bin to pop […]

What is Plastic Free July?

What is Plastic Free July?

If you’re following our social media channels, you’ll see many mentions of Plastic Free July this month, and you may have even clicked through to this article from a post.   Plastic Free July is an international movement that started at the grassroots level in Perth many years ago and is now a globally recognised platform to encourage […]

Ask yourself, does this need to be made of plastic?

Does this need to be made of plastic?

With the next phase of negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty commencing this week in Paris, attendees from around the globe will be hoping to find binding solutions for plastic pollution. Hitting the news headlines has been the big numbers – 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced, less than 10% currently recycled, and 40% of plastic waste is from packaging.  The […]

Six ways to survive without a shower

Maybe you are ‘off the grid’ for a brief hiatus from life, or you are rushing between appointments in the middle of summer. Whether you are far from a shower or just trying to save time, body wipes are your best friend. You know when you need them. As with most consumer decisions, there are plenty of […]

The non-environmentalists’ guide to eco-friendly living

Let’s face it, we’ve created a huge, massive plastic-filled hole for ourselves with the proliferation of plastic across the globe. Sure, it is durable and low-cost, but global recycling rates are currently lower than 10%. While Australians patiently wait for a new soft plastic scheme to emerge, each of us has a role to play every time […]

How gyms can help us reduce plastic

Plastics have been a hot topic here in Australia, especially single-use plastic since the unfortunate demise of RedCycle (spoiler – work is already happening to provide a solution for this). As a result, businesses like us here at CleanLIFE have been moving quickly to provide plastic-free alternatives to everyday products.  Why is plastic so bad? To start with, it’s the […]

New film shows South Australian brand having a ‘wipe’ at the big guys

Independent South Australian filmmaker Mackbel Films is proud to premiere its latest work having followed two local entrepreneurs for two years in their FMCG David vs Goliath battle to have their plastic free wet wipe range hit the shelves in December 2022. You can watch ‘SLINGSHOT’ here: And the Director’s commentary here: The Hygiene Co. […]