RFA Expands Coalition with Addition of The Hygiene Co., Maker of CleanLIFE Wipes

RFA - THC coalition

RFA welcomes The Hygiene Co. into growing coalition to help improve consumer flushing habits and bring awareness to wipes labeling

SEATTLE & ADELAIDE, South Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) has announced that The Hygiene Co., maker of CleanLIFE wipes, is joining its ranks of wipes manufacturers, wastewater treatment groups, and public health advocate members. RFA is dedicated to changing consumer behavior through its “Flush Smart” education campaign focusing on what should and should not be flushed.

CleanLIFE was founded in Australia as part of The Hygiene Co. and is designed to be the country’s choice of specialty wet wipes that benefit people, the planet, and pipe infrastructure. Using purified water and wood pulp, the wipes are plastic-free and designed for durable use and are safe for the environment.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome The Hygiene Co. to our growing coalition of organizations,” said RFA President Lara Wyss. “As an international member, The Hygiene Co. will play a vital role in helping bridge knowledge gaps and understanding about flushability across the world and at home in the U.S.”

The Hygiene Co. prides itself on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, in response to growing demand for eco-conscious products, whether for non-flushable or flushable wipes. Its portfolio of flushable wipes are certified to flush, according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Flushable Products.

“We are excited and honoured to be joining The Responsible Flushing Alliance as the first Australian manufacturer to be part of this group,” said Phil Scardigno, Managing Director & Co-Founder, The Hygiene Co. “The ‘Flush Smart’ campaign is something we will introduce to Australian consumers and retailers to broaden the awareness of what is certified flushable and to continue promoting sustainable wet wipe alternatives.”

In July 2022, California’s Wet Wipes Labeling Law began mandating the inclusion of the “Do Not Flush” symbol on packaging of non-flushable wipes, including baby wipes, household and cleaning wipes, body wipes, and makeup removal wipes. The law also requires the wipes industry to conduct consumer education campaigns to draw attention to the symbol and help consumers understand what wipes cannot be flushed.

With the addition of The Hygiene Co., RFA has welcomed 36 members into its organization to develop messaging to raise consumer awareness and education around the “Do Not Flush” symbol that is found on non-flushable wipes.

RFA invites companies in the nonwovens industry, wastewater groups, or nonprofits related to water quality, sanitation, or personal care products to get in touch to learn more about how they can support the #FlushSmart campaign. For more information, please visit, or follow @flushsmart on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, or follow Responsible Flushing Alliance on LinkedIn.

About Responsible Flushing Alliance

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to consumer education focused on what not to flush. RFA’s goal is to change consumer behavior to help reduce damage to our nation’s sewage systems caused by objects and materials designed not to be flushed.

About The Hygiene Co.

The Hygiene Co. is an Australian innovator, developer, and manufacturer of wet wipes, guiding industries towards the transition to 100% use of plastic free wipes. Through our brands and services, we are driving the advent of sustainable plastic free wet wipes across all market channels with biodegradable and flushable alternatives.

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