MIA Podcast – Episode 20: Corey White and Phil Scardigno from The Hygiene Co

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MIA Podcast – Episode 20: Corey White and Phil Scardigno – The Hygiene Co

The Hygiene Co, Co-Founded by Corey White and Phil Scardigno, is a specialist Australian manufacturer of hygiene and disinfection products, specialising in wet wipe products for multiple industry needs, offering soft pack, canister packaging and bulk form grades.

The Hygiene Co. offers clients private label manufacturing services for their own branded wet wipe products across various market segments, including Cleaning; Personal Care; Healthcare; Industrial, and FMCG.  As supporters of the Australian Made campaign, clients serviced by The Hygiene Co. can brand their products under this banner to reinforce Australian-manufactured quality packaging and bulk form grades.

Tune in to find out how they founded Hygiene Co. and what pushed them to be a part of the manufacturing business in Australia.

Here are some more of what’s in the episode:

  • The business was born at the height of COVID when Phil realised that there were no locally manufactured wet wipes in Australia
  • The range of products like
    • Baby Wipes
    • Wipes for hospital use
    • Grease removal
    • Home cleaning use
    • Etc
  • Finding out that the products were using plastics, they thought of a way to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • How they have become “waste: experts learning what can be recycled and what can’t.
  • The different kinds of wipes
    • Plastic-based ones do not break through time
    • Plant-based ones that are not flushable
    • Plant-based ones that are flushable and don’t contribute to the landfills
  • Why not ALL kinds of wipes can be flushed down the drain
  • Babies use up to about 5 Billion wipes each year in Australia alone
  • 96% of wipes from grocery stores in Australia are imported, and only the rest are locally manufactured

And many more, including Corey’s and Phil’s  thoughts on our main topic: “Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the ’60s?”

Connect with Corey and Phil on Linkedin or hop on to Hygiene Co.’s and CleanLife’s website for more information o the products!