Who we are

CleanLIFE is an Australian-made range of plastic-free wet wipes for personal, home and commercial use. Part of The Hygiene Co., CleanLIFE provides sustainable solutions for hygiene, disinfection, and cleaning applications, delivering competitive wipes that are biodegradable, compostable and less carbon-intensive than imported wipes.

Why we do it

Over 96% of wipes used in Australia are imported and made of plastic, contributing more than 25,000,000 kg of plastic waste to Australian landfills each year (that’s 30 times greater than plastic straws). Besides the mountains of plastic waste created, imported wet wipes generate more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon from shipping billions of wipes each year into Australia. Sounds crazy? We thought so, hence time for a change-up.


CleanLIFE wipes are made from 100% plant-based fibres that are biodegradable and compostable, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based wipes. Once used, CleanLIFE wipes continue the sustainability cycle, by being placed directly into a compost bin, they help create healthy soils for continued plant growth.


In addition to its manufacturing processes, CleanLIFE has an in-house lab that develops wet wipes for applications across various sectors including: medical; infection control; personal healthcare; home hygiene and commercial cleaning.

Carbon Footprint reduction

The weight of wet wipes is >75% water, and currently megalitres of water are being shipped to Australia each year in the form of wipes. This process generates a SHIP load of carbon, in fact over 10,000 tonnes of carbon is generated from importing billions of wet wipes into Australia. Our alternative locally made wipes are more than 53% less carbon intensive than imported wipes – an easy win towards reducing greenhouse carbon emissions.