CleanLIFE provides hygiene product solutions that are Australian Made, offering reliable supply and quality reassurance for every day needs in the home, community and business.  

We are helping to restore Australia’s sovereign capability with our operation that services industry and consumers across the country. Backed by a team of chemists, product innovators and  manufacturing specialists, CleanLIFE delivers high quality products for everyday needs.  

The world has taught us that hygiene health is a responsibility for everyone, so we’re here to help.

Protecting lives with safe, clean, quality hygiene



CleanLIFE Founder - Message

"Manufacturing and product innovation have been at the core of my DNA for more than 3 decades with health, green technology and hygiene being the key areas of my focus. Back in 2012 while on a business trip in Europe I came across Hypochlorous Acid, nature’s oldest disinfectant, efficiently produced using electrolysed water technology that enabled a solution that was used to eliminate biofilms and bacteria in commercial water lines. After studying and investigating the technology in more detail, it was identified that by modifying the production process, we could create an effective form of Hypochlorous Acid into a concentrate form that is a safe disinfectant for humans, food use and general day to day applications. This became the genesis of the CleanLIFE brand when I set the machine up to produce in Australia.

Fast forward to 2020, when the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, Australia found itself acutely exposed with little medical range hygiene products made in Australia, and the reliance on imports causing supply shortages that nobody had ever anticipated. I had been contacted by government departments to support the medical industry where there were severe shortages of sanitising and disinfection products, and during these discussions it was identified that aged care and general medical practices had been impacted to the point that antibacterial wipes were a scarce resource and desperately needed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

What happened next shaped CleanLIFE to a new future. As I finished that phone call with the panicked government procurement department, I saw at the workstation of one of my staff that a well-known brand of alcohol antibacterial wipes were used to clean work areas. Like > 90% of wet wipe products in the country, these wipes were made in China. However, upon assessing the wipe I realised the familiarity of this textile, as it was the same grade used in one of our other business divisions, but more importantly we had more than 200,000m2 of this grade of textile on hand that could be converted to help with the wet wipe shortage in Australia to fight COVID-19. Allocating the next 2 months of 7 day work weeks to modify our textile process along with our lab developing and testing disinfectant solutions with TGA accredited laboratory facilities, we created our own wet wipe manufacturing facility, producing medical grade disinfectant wipes in both isopropyl alcohol and antibacterial (non-alcohol based) forms.

Although communities have learned to adjust life around the challenges of COVID-19, the fight against the spread remains real. As passionate innovators and Australian manufacturers, we realised that CleanLIFE could play a key role in helping to restore Australia’s sovereign capabilities. While Australia ranks in the top 10 countries globally for our health system, we had been brought to our knees during the height of COVID-19 because of the country’s reliance on imports. This was the ideal time for CleanLIFE to play our part in reducing wet wipes from China and other overseas sources.

CleanLIFE has become a prominent developer and manufacturer of wet wipes in Australia, servicing industry, business, medical, consumers and public places with a range of wet wipe and hygiene products. CleanLIFE wet wipe products are currently manufactured in canister and bulk roll grades, however our investment has been expanded with a new unique capability that will be commissioned in mid 2022 enabling the production of wet wipe flat packs and soft pack grades here in Australia, a first of it’s kind and supporting the reinstatement of Australia’s sovereign capability.

This heralds an exciting time for CleanLIFE the brand and as an Australian manufacturer to provide products across the country that have previously never been produced here. Our mission - Protecting Lives with Safe, Clean, Quality Hygiene and we get to do it proudly as a local manufacturer. So come join us to Live A Clean Life." - Phil Scardigno