CleanLIFE Scanner Lockable Service Stack

The HS1000 is a compact Hygiene Station that enables a bulk roll of up to 1000 wipes to be dispensed. Designed and crafted to work in any environment structurally and spatially, it offers co-branding options and the flexibility to upgrade to HS1000+ enabling a motion-sensored hand foam sanitiser tap to be fitted.

977 x 325 mm

HS3000 / HS4000

The HS3000 and HS4000 are larger hygiene stations designed for high volume wet wipe usage, ideally suited for high traffic areas. The HS3000 enables up to 3 x 1000 bulk wipe rolls to be dispensed along with a motion-sensored hand foam sanitiser tap fitted. Alternatively, without the hand sanitiser tap option, the HS4000 is offered which enables up to 4 x 1000 bulk wipes rolls to be dispensed.

977 x 550mm


CleanLIFE hygiene stations are built for functionality. The structural form accommodates an abundance of features to assist your business’ everyday sanitary needs.

  • Wheel Service
  • Offer Service
  • Lock Service
  • Service Free
  • Attachable wheels for full mobility. All wheels have lockable components to securely place the station in desired position.

  • Stations have the option to be fitted with a foaming hand sanitiser tap. The sensor-activated tap produces a hand serving of antibacterial foam killing 99.99% of germs.

  • All stations are secure with a two-lock and key system to ensure no tampering or theft.

  • Whether you’re local or interstate, a CleanLIFE member will help deliver, install and educate about its functions, giving a full tutorial on loading, cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, we offer phone and local on-site support if needed for any reason.


CleanLIFE hygiene stations allow for co-branding on the external faces. The co-branding option gives your business the opportunity to display artwork on all panels of the station if desired.